St Marks Church is generally medium to high Anglican in faith with the celebrant usually being robed.  Every Sunday is a Holy Communion service starting at 11.00am.  The second Sunday each month is generally a 'Family Service' slightly less formal, with powerpoint and music group.
St Marks is particularly proud of its involvement with music. There is a music group with guitars and keyboard which play and sing at the family service each month and encourage the use of popular music in the church service. The music group are also available for specific fund raising events and concerts and these have proved to be very popular with the local church community.
The church has a good working organ and talented organist.  Church services which are not family services usually contain a range of new and traditional hymns using Hymns Ancient and Modern accompanied by the organ.  The family services are less formal and follow a theme. Here the hymns are generally modern and the Gloria whilst said at the formal service is sung in a lively manner at the family service.
The family services are always popular and generally well attended.

Regular Services

  • At the present time and taking into account the partnership which now is in existence with St Johns Church Golcar, the following cycle of services has been established.
  • 1st Sunday Parish Communion at 11.00 am
  • 2nd Sunday Family Service with Music Group and Communion at 11.00 am
  • 3rd Sunday Parish Communion at 11.00 am
  • 4th Sunday Parish Communion at 11.00 am
  • 5th Sunday Parish Communion at 11.00 am (on occasions shared service with St Johns)
  • Morning Prayer 9.00 am on Monday and Wednesdays at St Marks Longwood, Tuesday and Thursdays at St Johns Golcar
  • Midweek Holy Communion Tuesdays at 6.30 pm at St Marks Longwood
Our Diocese of Leeds news can be found here: www.leeds.anglican.org/content/e-news  and  www.leeds.anglican.org/content/leeds-diocesan-news


Ash Wednesday 26th February The first day of Lent

There will be a service at each church.

  • 11.00 am St Johns Golcar Holy Communion with Ashing
  • 6.30 pm St Marks Longwood Holy Communion with Ashing

We will be having Lent bible studies on Mondays at 7.30 pm at the Vicarage. Please consider what you might do during Lent to prepare for Easter, something environmental might be a good idea.

Looking ahead

Saturday 14th March St Johns Golcar Growth and Mission strategy away day 10.00 am to 4.00 pm at St Marks Parish Centre Longwood

Mothering Sunday 22nd March at 11.00 am

Palm Sunday 5th April at 11.00 am

Holy Tuesday 6.30 pm A service including Holy Communion led by Rev Janet Sargent

Maundy Thursday 9th April 6.30 pm. Usual Maundy Thursday liturgy with washing of feet, stripping of altar. Led by Fr Simon with St Johns Choir. 8-9.00 pm Vigil

Good Friday 10th April 12.30 pm All Age, interactive Stations of the Cross led by Fr Simon and helpers.

2.00 pm Good Friday Liturgy.

Easter Sunday 12th April with dawn service at Westwood Mission 6.00 am. Easter Vigil lighting of fire and renewal of baptismal vows. Holy Communion  with breakfast and bubbly afterwards, ( in addition to our usual services.)

Easter Family Service at St Marks Church commences at 11.00 am


Please continue to pray for the life of the church in Longwood, especially for growth.

Almighty God, who calls all creation to grow into your loving kingdom.Inspire us by your Holy Spirit so we draw new people into our churches, grow closer to you and increase our service to the world. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen